Roasted Beetroot and Goat´s Cheese Salad

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Just before I left London, Kelly G. offered me this book, “The Living Well with Cancer Cookbook”, which is not a book only for patients but for everyone that has an interest in knowing how diet and different foods play a major role on our health and well being. It´s amazingly well writing in a light and very positive tone;  written by an experienced nutritionist and a well known food writer (Catherine Zabilowicz and Fran Warde) who together with Maggie´s charity centre developed this essential guide for patients and their families and friends.


I love all the recipes, they are easy to follow and all ingredients are of easy access. Each recipe has an introduction paragraph explaining the goods of each ingredient and how it will help and why! You can find the book on amazon and the best part is that all royalties go to support Maggie´s!

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I choose a Beetroot Salad because this spring mood is inspiring to more and more salads and the combination of roasted veggies, balsamic vinegar and goats´cheese looked super appealing! Indeed all ingredients come together with a blast of flavours in your mouth…and so easy to make!

Recipe Introduction Paragraph

“Beetroot has a delicious earthy taste and roasting seems to enhance it, the combination of beetroot and goat´s cheese makes a really appetising and nutritious salad, and the balsamic vinegar adds a lovely sticky twist. The better quality your vinegar, the finer the result. Walnuts are high in fat and a great source of omega-3 which may help with weight loss (during the disease). They also contain melatonin, which can aid sleep. Rocket has a slightly bitter taste and is a great digestive aid; it is also high in vitamins especially vitamin K, which is good for bone health.”

The roasted caramelised flavours together with the reduced cooking juices and the balsamic vinegar are an amazing combination with the goat´s cheese!

The recipe uses shallots, but I used red onions instead and loved the result. Also it mentions addition of some oregano which I didn’t add.


  • 400 g of beetroot
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • Freshly ground black pepper and sea salt
  • 1 medium red onion
  • 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
  • 75 g rocket
  • 50 g goat´s cheese
  • 25 g walnuts chopped


  • Pre-heat the oven to 180°C.
  • Wash and scrub the beetroot and cut into edges (no need to peel).
  • Place the pieces in a roasting tin, add the olive oil and seasoning and toss to coat them evenly before placing in the oven.
  • Roast the beetroot for 25 minutes, then add the prepared onion cut into wedges as well, to the tin, tossing them with the cooking juices. Cook for further 25 minutes or until the vegetables are soft and slightly caramelised.
  • Pour over the the balsamic vinegar and toss again before returning to the oven for further 8 minutes.
  • Place the rocket on a serving dish or plate, top with the roasted vegetables and spoon out any cooking juices. Crumble the goat cheese over and scatter with the walnuts.


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