A Day at the Kew Gardens – London

If you are planning a trip to London you may want to consider to book an extra day!

Or in case you are close by and have no plans for the next May bank holiday…think about visit the Kew Gardens

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For the 5 years we lived in London, I have wanted to visit the Kew Gardens, but there was always some excuse not to….mainly A thinking that was all about flowers and boring…

Finally one Saturday of August last year we made the decision and head to the small Village of Kew where we had a morning coffee before we entered the gardens. I could see A´s face when we passed the gates, he was completely blown away with the beauty of the place and so was I!

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The first memory I have is all about the space…There was so much space, so much green it’s a dream place for kids to run free while enjoying the beauty of the gardens.

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Even on a busy day, there are plenty of spaces to seat and also beautiful shadow places to stop and snack or simply to have a rest.

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T quickly found his bench!

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The Roses Garden, is a stunning place full of different types of roses and you can even feel the smell.

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The Treetop Walkaway was created by the London Eye Architect and allows views from the Gardens and London. It’s quite high but if you don’t suffer from vertigo it totally worth the visit.

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The little ducks walking by and in the lake make the joys of the kids.

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Walking by and just noticing the different plants and tree species! 

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The Princess of Wales Conservatory, was open by Princess Diana and has ten different types of environments and it’s beautiful. It has a large section just on Cactus so we took advantage of T´s nap and visited while he slept just to be on the safe side.

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The water lilies were one of my favourite things to see, that and the orchids.

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We made friends through the day….and also saw so many people doing picnics and regretted we didn’t plan better and took one with us.

A picnic blanket, some little bites, a cake and a bottle of prosecco would have been the perfect match! We actually saw people doing this and we were very jealous.

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The Japanese Gardens are like a little gem in between the rest of the gardens with its unique style. A space of peace and harmony.

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Unfortunately we arrived late to the Kew Palace and Royal Kitchen and could not visit, but just the view of it and it’s colours were stunning.

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And the Palm House, a stunning building on the outside and a rainforest on the inside.

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We had an amazing day, and I am so happy we finally decided to go and visit, as we left London soon after and I know I would have regretted.

We thought we were staying for the morning and ended up staying almost until it closed, we were both blown away and T as well! 

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Some Information for you to consider

Website: http://www.kew.org/

Always check online before you go as there is plenty of information about exhibitions and whats on and what to do. It is a large place so it is nice to have an idea of the spaces you want to visit, or you can do it randomly as we did and it also worked out well!


The easiest option will be going by Metro (District Line) until the Kew Gardens Station. The Gardens are a 5 min walk from there. If the weather helps, you can also choose to finish your visit and return to central London by boat, unfortunately we didn’t do it but really wanted to.


If possible buy them online, it’s an easy option and you avoid some queues specially if you are with kids. You may also find some online promotions beforehand.

Going with Children:

It’s a very children friendly place. You can easily find toilets equipped with baby changers, it is very easy to visit with pushchairs and the cafes and restaurants are equipped with microwaves to warm up any food.


My best suggestion is if you want and enjoy plan a picnic, the green places and beautiful shadows are the perfect scenario for it. Nevertheless if you don’t want to take food with you, there are plenty of places to eat with spaces outside in the shadow and different choices of food, from warm cooked food to salads, sandwiches and fruits. 

Kew Palace and Kitchen

Be aware that the Palace closes before the Gardens so if you are planning to visit it, don’t leave it for last as you may miss it, check at the entrance for timetables.



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