A Day at Faunia – Madrid

We had another long weekend with the San Isidro bank holiday on Monday. 

San Isidro it´s a very typical festivity in Madrid, people dress up in proper costumes (chulapos), dance the chotis and eat typical food in honour of the Saint.

In schools it is also celebrated with all kids dressing up…. our T even danced the chotis with his little friends and ate churros in the San Isidro party in his class!

For us was another 3 days weekend with a super energetic toddler and the need to find something fun, outside the house and also fun for the parents…please!


Still battling with my stomach bug, which has taken most of my energy, I found some strength and we headed to Faunia, for what was in the end a great day!

If you are ever in Madrid or close by and with kids, don’t miss it! It’s not only fun for kids but for us as well! The space is very green and tidy, there is a lot to see and very nice exhibitions with many interesting things for us parents too.

One of the things I liked the most was definitely the spaces where the kids could directly contact with the animals in a peaceful environment always with music around…and those little yellow cars for them are a life-saver for us!




Different environments divided by continents with all different species and vegetation.



There is a little farm with sheep, goats, chickens, pigs which was T´s favourite! Also little ponies which kids can ride but only after the age of 3!




The butterfly hall and exhibition was one of my favourites for the beauty and quietness of the place.



There are crocodiles, snakes and spiders…not my cup of tea to say the least and a North Pole exhibition full of cute penguins which was amazing to see as well all the sea life!



There is also a sand playground near one of the bars where you can have some nice rest and the kids play freely!


In the end we all had a great fun day and we will be back for sure!



Some Information for you to consider

Website: http://faunia.es/

Always check online before you go as there is plenty of information about exhibitions and whats on and what to do. 


We went by car and there is good parking with an all day cost of 5,50 euros. There is metro with lines 9 and 2 and also a bus which goes leaves you directly at the entrance.


If possible buy them online, it’s an easy option and you avoid some queues specially if you are with kids. A suggestion is to buy in advance (1 or 2 weeks) as it will be much reduced.

Going with Children:

It’s a very children friendly place. Very tidy and clean. You can easily find toilets equipped with baby changers, it is very easy to visit with pushchairs and the cafes and restaurants are equipped with microwaves to warm up any food.


My best suggestion is to take some food with you and enjoy some of the green shadow spaces to make a picnic. The food is basically poor quality buggers and hot dogs, although you can find in some of the bars a tortilla sandwich or so.



Live, Eat and Travel