img_0423-2Hello! My name is Susana and I was born in Portugal in 1981 in a beautiful place near the sea called Cascais. I grew up being the young sister of a super big sister and the daughter of a beautiful young mom! Most of the times of our lives when together we spoke loud and simultaneous and changed subject without even realising and made several people crazy…but we always understood each other very well! I believe my randomness comes a lot from there…

Special occasions, celebrations, birthdays, Christmas were always an event and cooking and baking were a big part of our time! Lists were made so the amount of cakes and desserts were even…and there wasn’t a birthday that didn’t take us to the kitchen until early hours of the day preparing the party for the evening…the good china and cutlery were out and the choice of the handmade linen tablecloths was of major importance! The family was mobilised and the grandmas were given their tasks. The days or nights were at the table involved in laughs, presents, food and everyone would finish by taking cake for breakfast after helping with the dishes!

Christmas always came with that comfort smell of cinnamon and the warmth of the fire!
…And there was a sense of Safeness on all that cooking…we were on our Safe place!

I have asked my sister to dig into our photo albums and look for some pictures of this parties of ours…and among others she sent me one from my Christening!
I don’t recall the event of course, but I remember my mum telling all the stories about the days before and all the stress to have the food ready and for all to be spotless!


Many years after we all did the same for my son´s Christening! 

In the year of 2007, I decided it was my time to leave the country and started a PhD in Chemistry in the University of Birmingham in the UK and moved to London for work in 2011. Although I felt home sick for a while in the beginning, this experience exposed me to so many different cultures and of course different foods, tastes, and stories! I became even more passionate about cooking and eating and trying different things…travelling became also an experience for the senses! I was very blessed with amazing life friends that as me loved cooking and eating and therefore food feasts around the table have been a must for the last 10 years! 

Having my family now, and having moved countries once more I am focused in passing these traditions along and creating new ones…in these random and sometimes unpredictable life of ours it is important to be able to carry something with us wherever we go as they will always transport us to our Safe places

I hope you enjoy this space and keep coming back to check on the latest random events, stories, recipes, places, tips or even to share an emotional outburst! You can always contact me via the Contact section on the blog!



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