Another one of my Sister Breakfast Gems

Hello you!

As you know most of the recipes I share with you are surrounded by stories of whatever kind…Today I share with you another one of my Sister Breakfast Gems: A Crepioca!


Every time I stay over at my sister’s house when I am in Lisbon, she always welcome us with new breakfast ideas: some banana flourless pancakes for the children (ones that only her can flip over, I can’t and don’t really know why!) and either some of her fresh baked granola or her delicious dark chocolate porridge remember the recipe?

This last time she asked me if I wanted to have a Crepioca with yogurt; sure, why not? I said! Literally 5 minutes after, I had a plate of what looked a nice golden crepe filled with yogurt, avocado slices and berries and I could feel the smell of the coconut oil from the kitchen. I told come did you do this already? I just saw you get up of bed 5 minutes ago…she smiled and said: well, it only takes you 5 minutes to make!

And another one of her new breakfast ideas was in and finished with a fresh cup of coffee made and brought in by her sweet Italian neighbour…what else?

Have a nice weekend


Crepioca for Breakfast


Crepioca is a gluten free crepe made with manioc starch (Polvilho Doce in Portuguese, from the mandioca), literally in 5 minutes and you can top it to taste. So quick and so delicious!

For breakfast today, I chose to add some natural yogurt, sliced avocado, raspberries, toasted hazelnuts and some pumpkin seeds. For breakfast is nice to add some cinnamon and vanilla flavour to the dough, but in case you want to use it for a light lunch, just add some salt and pepper instead and top it for example with fresh ricotta cheese or cottage cheese and some sauteed mushrooms and spinach.


for 1 larger crepe or 2 smaller ones

  • 1 Egg (medium)
  • 1 tbsp manioc starch (polvilho doce)
  • pinch of cinnamon & vanilla flavour
  • coconut oil or any other mild flavour oil

Serving options:  (natural yogurt, avocado, seeds and nuts, berries and other fruits). For the salty option (salt and pepper) and toppings (ricotta or cottage cheese, sauteed mushrooms and spinach).


  • In a bowl bit the egg, add the tapioca flour, cinnamon and vanilla if adding. 
  • In a non sticking pan melt the oil and pour the egg mixture. 
  • When starting to make bubbles (it’s very quick) and you feel you can flip it, flip it over to cook on the other side until nice and golden.
  • Transfer to a plate and add your topping options. Enjoy!


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