Summer Arrived but with a bitter taste!

The hot weather has been here for some days now but the fact is that Summer has just started!

This is the most desired season for many people as it means longer days, fresher clothes, summer fruits and of course holidays! 

With the immense heat we have been experiencing in Madrid we planned a quick escape and made a long family weekend not only to celebrate Summer but to rest and refresh ourselves!

But it was a bitter sweet weekend! Although we were so happy for returning to Juromenha we were heartbroken with the sad news of the fires that are still running in Portugal, with so many victims and entire families lost! We spent our weekend praying also for our relatives and friends that were nearby and spent their weekend in fear…

Apart from all the help we can do in donating through all the lines made to support the population affected, there was not much we could do….so I tried to still enjoy the blesses we were given, the health and the fact that we were there together and somehow in peace!


Speaking about peace…this was one of the reasons why we chose to go back to Casas da Juromenha! We have been there some weeks ago for a friends weekend with no kids, we liked it so much that we decided to go back, this time with T, we knew he would love it…and he so much did!



Apart from the peaceful beautiful scenario with a view to the Guadiana river, the houses are cosy, beautifully decorated, the garden is so well taken care and full of lavanda and rosemary which you can smell from the moment you wake up. The breakfast is so nice and the staff friendly and very helpful. It’s a place for resting and for quietness….Warm nights and a sky full of stars!



One of the activities you can do is a boat trip through the Alqueva_Dam, we did ours at the end of the day due to the hot weather. You can do Starwatch, Kayak, and Historical Walks or simply ride one of the bicycles available and explore the surroundings by yourself! 

We left once more with the strong feeling we would be back and that this will be a good family meeting point, a shorter drive from Madrid for us and a quick one for ours from Lisbon too!

Some Suggestions:

Places to Eat

Restaurant Pata Larga in Juromenha. This is a small cosy place that makes little portuguese tapas dishes all cooked and managed by a very friendly couple. You can also order and pick up some food to eat at the house.

Restaurant A Adega dos Ramalhos in Alandroal. Typical food from the Alentejo region, tasty and also family managed. 

Restaurant Taberna do Adro in Vila Fernando – Elvas. 



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