O “Colo”…Difficult to Explain, Impossible to Replace!

“Colo” is a Portuguese word that I have always found difficult to explain in a different language…


It is more than just “hold in your arms” or a hug and cuddle….it´s something that if we are lucky enough we have from ours for many years of our lives! It´s the warmth, the support, the pride, the words, the strength that help us and guide us through!

After this Mother´s Day, I could not avoid thinking and missing this feeling of having my Mother´s arms…

So difficult to hold without being held and being a Mother without having one…but she left her prints on each of us to raise and hold each of our kids and nurture them as she did to us!

Heaven is just about how people are remembered after they left…for the good they did…

Hope you can see us from there and the joys of every day conquered!

We are alright…Mom! 



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