Hello May! Random Decisions…

Another new month has started, May! An this is one of my favourites!

In the UK  there are 2 bank holidays, the weather normally (?) starts to warm up and the days are much longer….

In Portugal and in Spain the weather really warms up but to the right point where is still bearable, there are also bank holidays and a special day; Mother’s Day! What not to like?

For Susana Random Ss there will also be a 3 month anniversary! 

So after the 4 days of hibernation and total rest I made my decisions for the Blog this month:

1- Start the Places Page on the blog with a visit that blew our hearts away!

2- Write Posts dedicate to Women and Mothers and with a special tribute to the Men next to them: these amazing new generation of partners and fathers that cook, bath, hold, do night feeds and support their families no matter what…

3- Bring some of my best Female Friends and our stories to these Random Posts 

4- Share some fresh and light recipes for the warm days and of course for all of us that are also aiming for a new bathing suit or a bikini!

It will be a Happy Month!

But for now read our story and check our day at the Kew Gardens and why you should not wait 5 years to visit!

The debut of a new Page on the Blog….

A Day at the Kew Gardens here

fulham kews 2016 371.JPG



Like it, share it, comment it, spread it…


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