Madrid #1 – 6 Months After

It was precisely 6 months ago that myself and T arrived to Madrid, to be more exactly 182 days!!!

madrid 1

We landed anxious to meet A and be together again. I had this feeling I know very well…butterflies in the stomach, the mixture of excitement with fear of how much of a Home this new city would be!

madrid 2

It was a very warm October and the blue skies on the way home gave me comfort! I knew the way very well, I lost the count of how many times I have been to Madrid but never with my life packed and a kid on the back seat!

I woke up today with a message of a good friend saying….

“You make such a beautiful home and bring such warmth and hospitality everywhere you go”

Well, I guess this is likely the best definition of Home I found! 

I entered in an empty house (almost), surrounded by boxes and I could hardly believe we were doing this again…exhausted and full of mixed feelings after leaving a city and a job I loved and so many friends behind…was hard to see the new place as Home!

Finding our place and Serenity…took time!

October 2016

Slowly building a Home and meeting the new city



November 2016 

New beginnings, a Birthday Boy and so many Thanks to Give


A feeling of Home is much about sharing, sharing moments and special occasions and feel the warmth the others can bring…much of our November was filled with dinners and friends and celebrations which with still a bit of an empty house made things warmer!

aniv tomas

Our yearly celebration of Thanksgiving, or Giving Thanks it´s actually how we call it. No matter where we are we plan this evening and the dinner very in advance! 


December 2016 

Christmas came quickly and so our Christmas cards, Christmas tree and decorations and of course a meal before everyone went away to their families …. 




And a day trip to Segovia

The weather was still very pleasant and although we could see some snow on top of the mountains, the sun was warm and great for a walk


A Christmas Carousel to finish the year


January 2017 

We entered in 2017 with a full house, both kids dancing and playing!



And a Birthday Dad and after 6 years we went back to Bogui´s Jazz 



February 2017 

February was a special month, somehow the universe turned in a way that made us celebrate 20 years together in this city! And it was also the month where I finally found the courage and the energy to create this Random space of mine


March 2016 

Spring, Snow and a Birthday Mom



April 2017

In between the Easter rush, the Balcony decor was much of the dedication for this month, cooking herbs and cosiness for the warm nights and the balcony chats was all we wanted!


And we did do a visit to the Botanical Gardens

madrid 3

6 Months passed and…

I found my way around the neighbourhood, from the fishmonger to the local florist, the ice cream shop to the girls at my usual coffee shop…

T is happy at his new school and now adding Spanish to his confused sentences! 

I have also made my peace with the Spanish language which is not as everyone says very similar to Portuguese! Much due to Leticia my Spanish Teacher from Estudio Sampere who was of a major help in understanding my gaps and difficulties and driving all lessons to make me improve each day! 

And in food? Well….

I found my favourite Pizza Place at La Nonna, whose owners happen to be our neighbours! Yeah!

I ate the best sushi of my life at Kabuki

I tried the best Tortilla until now (I still have a couple of places to try) at Juana La Loca 

I dream of the fish and seafood from Nort Sur , yes and the Flan de Queso as a dessert is a must have.

I ate more Jamón and Manchego cheese than I ever did in my life, and I love the Aperitivo…eat before eating..why not?

And I finally tried skying.….

Ohh…and I now own a good collection of red lipstick….whatever you do from the gym to dinner, red lipstick will always save you in this city!


And the People..the ones we had waiting for us and the new friends we made….

Yes, indeed we are at Home!

An S for Serenity





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