Lisbon….The Coolest City!

Says the CNN…but we already knew it!

Nevertheless it´s always nice to read and hear about it from someone else.

In all these years away, I met many people with an absolute passion for Lisbon and Portugal in general…the food (of course!), the conventual sweets, the people, the beaches and the culture….and they always finish with a remark on the weather and specially about the light that the city has! 

Mariana Sabido-60
Miradoro de São Pedro de Alcântara

CNN presents 7 reasons why Lisbon might be the coolest city in Europe!

  1. Nightlife that can outlast Madrid’s
  2. Experimental cuisine
  3. Irony
  4. Beaches and castles
  5. Fabulous design
  6. Big art
  7. Fascinating streets

I am sure the man of the house will disagree with reason number 1…but all the others are spot on! We always have our hearts divided in between the cities that are part of our lives and it´s hard to say which one is the best….but of course in Lisbon we will always be at Home!

Reading this article, made my mind wonder and also pushed me to make a plan for the next few days that we will spend there and try to enjoy the most out of it!

During T´s first summer in Portugal, and when we could still hold him in the same place for more than 2 minutes, we took some pictures with Mariana Sabido, and we chose Lisbon as a scenario. 

We met Mariana in Principe Real gardens, a place full of life: cafes, restaurants and gorgeous shops! After a coffee and an initial chat we just walked through streets and places that we so much love!

Mariana Sabido-10

Mariana Sabido-47

Mariana Sabido-72
Lisbon popular yellow Trams 

The narrow streets up and down the hill and the famous yellow trams are a must as are the little neighbourhoods inside the city! 

Mariana Sabido-63

Mariana Sabido-66

Lisbon has a for us a flavour of being at Home without being Home!

Confusing I know….but it´s the city we know without knowing it….or at least very well!

Time passes by quickly and both myself and A have been away for many years now! We always have to check blogs and ask friends for the latest cool restaurant or bar and we make far too many plans, more than we can possible do as there is family and friends to see and to be with!

Mariana Sabido-52.JPG

 So, we are heading to Lisbon for Easter break and of course with many plans…our M´s 5th birthday party and Easter lunch. The bundt cake tin is packed and also some baking ingredients which I don’t pass without…so expect some news!

Check Instagram, but I promise a blog update as soon we are back!

We expect warm sunny weather, so hopefully we can do some nice beach walks and play…

Mariana Sabido-83

I avoided baking and too much cooking this week as I know I will not resist to my coffee and a Nata Pastry in my favourite place and very likely….I´ll do it every day!

So, enjoy your Easter and why not give yourself and little baking time? If in need of ideas check my Recipes page.


Happy Easter


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