Blood Oranges Happiness..and a Proud Auntie

Happiness is….

Finding Blood Oranges when getting inspired for my Niece´s 5th Birthday!


It´s hard to believe that our little M is actually turning 5 already! The time flew since the day she arrived to our lives to brighten our days. She´s a happy, smart and determined little girl but my favourite thing is by far her unconditional love for little cousin T! 

Even far away, they recognise each other books, or borrowed things and kiss and hug our mobiles when they talk to each other! 

For her, it will be the party of the year and plans started quite ahead. The cake and dessert list was already shared and family and friends tasks assigned…

I got the Bundt Cake mission!

Getting Inspired by Season Blood Oranges…..
…And Other Bundts



For this Bundt Inspiration Mood check my Pinterest.

I promise lots of Party updates and recipes and hopefully sunny Lisbon pictures next week!

If you would like a recipe for the weekend, check the Recipes Page on the Blog.



Have a good Weekend 


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