The Diet..and Cauliflower Rice

Hello You!

First a note to you all….Thank you! Thank you for being there, for your likes and comments, for your messages and specially for coming back!  

It Makes this Random adventure worth every word!

Now about The Diet….and the cauliflower rice I posted last night on my Instagram! If you never tried or didn’t even think of trying (like me until yesterday) you really should! You will see why, for the recipe check the Recipes Page!


The Diet

Well, what can I say?

  • Yes, I do want to try a bathing suit or a bikini without the fear of the fitting rooms mirrors! I am definitely working hard for this one!
New SS17 Collection OYSHO
  • Also considering that now I will wear summer dresses without thighs and coats and not only for a 2 week holiday but for normal days, I would like to wear them without feeling sad about my floppy arms!
  • But the most important reason!!!!! I really wanted to stop pretending that my son was born last year! 

Yes, every time I met a new trainer in the gym and mentioned I wanted to loose those extra 2 kilos and tone a bit….I could see the question coming and my heart started pounding! So, after the move and with extra time it was my chance to go and hit hard!

Well, I hit so hard that it actually made me sick!

With the days passing, I had so much body pain…and no, not from exercising but from the increased levels of stress that my body was under and I was stupidly increasing it with high intensity training (HIT), gym classes…you name it!

Instead of feeling relaxed, I had more and more pain, muscle tension and pain, neck pain and felt my body was literary on fire and I could hardly move!

All the stress with moving to Madrid, the last months at work and very likely the late stages of grieve…my body could not handle it!

So, I took some days to try to understand what was going on, read some articles online and decided to stop! On one of those days, I found Vanesa.

unnamed (22).jpg
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Vanesa is my Pilates teacher in a Wellness centre in our neighbourhood and after some sessions of Physiotherapy to help my body heal and also to release the stress, I started doing Reformer Pilates and just within a week I had no pain at all! My body is stronger and stronger and I finally feel my abs again….Oh yeah!

With the support of my good friend M, I also started The Diet (that´s how it´s called in the V&C household), for 31 days I followed Ágata Roquete, a Portuguese Nutritionist ´Dieta dos 31 dias´, the 31 days diet.

Be aware that it was the first time I ever followed a diet like this, but I did not feel it was hard at all as most of our diet was already based on the foods she suggests, but of course I had to cut on carbs and sugar. The best thing is that you have a free day a week where you can relax if you go out for dinner or lunch…. I normally enjoy a good pizza, or a dish of pasta, cake (of course) and some bubbles!

I know you want to know how much weight did I loose!!! Right? I´ll tell you!

I actually adopted her maintenance phase as a rule and I cut the amount of fruits and carbs I was having, have increased the amount of water intake (something very challenging for me) and also adopted the dinners of soup a couple of times a week, like in one of the last phases of the diet! This Green soup is normally the choice, all the taste and no potatoes! 

I believe it´s important to be open to flexibility, it´s not only about The Diet but also about trying new foods, ingredients, ways of cooking and seasoning. It´s important not to stress too much with it, and if there are weeks where because of guests or special occasions there is more bubbles than expected, or cake…I just relax and try to not over do it and compensate in the next days!

The weight!!!!

I am happy to say that I lost a bit over 3 Kgs, so bye bye those 2 pregnancy kilos and an extra one to keep the mood high! Most importantly I lost quite a lot of volume, and after 1 week this was very noticeable!

Unfortunately, I am one of those people that instead of loosing the weight on the hips where it´s actually needed, looses on the face straight away and as much as I liked to loose a bit more, I am sure I would not like my face…so I am now focused on the toning phase and on not adding any extra kilo! 

It is important to take some time to listen your body, its messages and signals and take  time to breath, stop and change strategy! I will go back to HIT as soon as I feel my body is ready to handle it but for now this is my happy place!

Saúde, is the Portuguese S for today!



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