This hard thing of being a Parent…

An Emotional Outburst and a Weekend Reflection


And here we are! In the peak of the so called Twos and dealing with the turbulence of changes and the need for independence!

I swear that from all the moments of doubt or even some fear as a parent, nothing has made me reflect as this phase!

We have always been very relaxed with T, and in exchange he has given us the grace of being a very easy baby and toddler, adapting to all the changes we made him go through in this short life of his: different houses, countries, schools, different languages always without making us notice that he had any trouble adapting to anything new!

unnamed (21)

We arrived to the tantrums stage, the No´s and the wills, the fights to dress, undress, bath and the list goes on! On the top of this, it is also time for potty training and somehow he feels that now he is independent and fights for it, of course!

After a spotless day at nursery where everything goes very smoothly, the challenge starts and I never know how will my day finishes…normally tired, seated on the sofa after a shower, and with this strange and painful feeling of doubt!

We read about tantrums and this stage of life, how to manage them and how to respond, we try to follow advises – don´t pay attention, give him some ´time out´strategy so he can calm himself down….be patient and calm and firm with your instructions….

It´s hard, super hard…not really sure if harder for them or us!

As parents, when we go to sleep the only thing we can hope for is that whatever we are doing wrong or not so well can be improved the next day and all we are doing well shapes his personality and gives him the strength and values we would like him to have!


I am sure one day we will likely not remember these moments very well, so I decided to write him a card about this phase of his but also for him to know among all, how sweet, happy and friendly child he is and how we love him and his English, Portuguese, Spanish confused little phrases!


Have a good Weekend 

If you would like a recipe for the weekend, check the Recipes Page 


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