Today´s S is for my Mother…Happy Birthday Mom


This is not a sad post, it´s a celebration of life and little gestures that make grieve more bearable!

Today it´s my Mom´s birthday…this use to be the end of my March month…after so many celebrations this one used to be the last. 

In these 10 months without her, I slowly learnt that grieve is not something that goes away ever….but something that you learn how to live with! I live with mine in peace…a peace that took me long to find!

In London, I would celebrate days like this one by going to sit on a bench in Bishops Park and remember the last time we sat there watching T play.


In Madrid, I don’t have memories of her, only the ones on my mind so I chose to celebrate the day with something that I like and I know that were two of my Mom´s favourite things…

Cake and Flowers! 


Just by chance my sister will be with us tonight and that´s what we will do…we will have cake for dessert!

You can find the recipe here

This is a Happy S….for you Mom!

With Love,







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