Ski or not to Ski!


So, after much stress, some pain (not much though!) and lots of sweat…the answer is: to Ski!

I confess that during the first class I went through several stages…after the first 20 minutes I wanted to cry; the heavy boots, the skis, and the warm weather…I was already tired and the class was far from starting! 

Then, I simply wanted to quit and just accept that skiing was not for me…but suddenly all I have learnt during the first hour and a half started to make sense, and bit by bit slowly and with the help of two super cool teachers we moved down through a full green slope and it was a great feeling! 


Just by chance I chose classes with the Escuela Española de Esqui Cerler and would choose it again as both instructors were very good and gave me the confidence and the tips needed to make me want to repeat and learn more! 

In the end….no falls, no fear and no poles and some hip moves and singing came along! The last day was dedicated only to learn how to turn side to side…not as easy as going straight and break but super fun to learn! I had a very attentive spectator at the end of the class!


For these days we were in the Ski resort of Cerler, which is situated just above the cute village of Cerler in the Benasque Valley in the heart of the Pyrenees and near the town of Benasque where we stayed. 

unnamed (20).jpg

It was a busy weekend with a bank holiday on Monday and we will all probably think twice about going on long weekends as it was very full. Still, it was a wonderful weekend with friends, good food and some drinks.

The Ski resort has a play area for kids and also offers childcare facilities which in such a busy weekend were full so we had to organise the time well and ski in turns and handle a 2 years old energetic boy in the snow….but all good with help of super friends as well!


unnamed (17).jpgIMG_2940IMG_2941

 Benasque is a beautiful place with a lake and a river passing by, it is cosy and the mountain scenarios are just gorgeous. There are playgrounds for kids just in the centre near several tapas places where we could enjoy a drink and still play a bit! A suggestion for dinner or for an aperitivo is El Veedor de Viandas, the food is great, the wine as well and the warm carrot cake to die for! Everything you want after a day in the snow!

We got sunny days and blue skies all the time and although for skiing was in my opinion a bit too warm, for walks was just perfect!



We also had Father´s Day on Sunday and a there was a special kiss and a little present for dad which T did at nursery! 


unnamed (18).jpg

So in the end…I managed to start my 36´s not on the floor as I initially thought and more importantly I enjoyed every single bit of the skiing! Ski Season 2017/18 here we go!



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