Hello 36 !!! 

 It´s my Birthday! I turn 36 today, T completes 27 months and it’s also St Patrick’s Day! 

As you know I love birthdays and celebrations in general and my birthday is not an exception!

Luckily this year we have a long weekend ahead and we are going away for some days!!! It is also Father´s day on Sunday!!!

Although I am not a big fan of Snow and I don´t Ski or do Snowboard (shocking I know!!!) we are indeed going on a ski trip with friends!!! 

I always felt skiing was not for me. I love the beautiful white scenarios and the gorgeous views from the cafés where I seat having a hot chocolate, or a glass of wine while reading a book and enjoying the quietness… those heavy boots, the slippery skis and the clothes that apart from Kate Middleton (and I am still not sure) don´t look good on anyone are just too much!!

But this year I promised I would give it another chance as my first attempt many years ago was a disaster to say the least! So to set an example for T, who will likely be mastering the art of skiing in a couple of years, I decided to book some classes and give it a go!

Therefore that´s how I will start my 36´s …literally on the floor!!!!

Wish me luck and follow all the fun stories and T first snow adventures on my Instagram.

We are all packed, and of course there is a cake travelling with us as well…a very “travel friendly type of cake” for obvious reasons but although very simple it smells deliciously!

An Orange, Pistachio and Almond Cake

I promise to share the recipe on the next post!


St Patrick’s Day

While living in the UK, my birthday would always involve a pint of Guinness (only a few sips for me) in an Irish Pub somewhere in Birmingham or London and sometimes a funny green hat! A celebration that I became very found of. Every year on this day, I remember my 31st birthday and the St Patrick´s parade in NYC…what an event! 



Have a Good Weekend and Happy St Patrick’s Day


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