Message in a Marshmallow

For the first time a delay in post was welcomed in the V&C household!

Remember the sweet surprise I told you about last week in here? It arrived last night and it was in fact Sweet and a super cute surprise…or like people here say ‘Que guay’!

Imagine you could eat the best moments of your life?

That’s what Boomf did and Andre found it and put our 20 years on Marshmallows!!! For a family of eaters like us it was Top Notch and arrived close to Valentine’s day!


Until the wheels come off baby!!!


The question here is:
Which good moment of your life would you eat first??


Today a simple S for Saint Valentine

….because there are so many types of love; mothers and fathers, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, cousins and of course friends!

My Mini Valentine 

For Valentine’s last year we exchanged the dry martinis for a Frozen theme breakfast….My beloved niece was visiting and we had Anna and Kristoff, Elsa and Hans (hope I didn’t get this wrong) as special guests and we celebrated their Frozen love with fresh baked granola, homemade jam (recipes soon) and of course princess dresses!

Celebrating the Frozen Love ..the possible photo

So wherever you are, go and spread the love….share kisses and hugs and a mallow if you can…


Like it, share it, comment it, spread it…




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