Help!! I Started a Blog!

A non scientific approach!

So this is how all went….

Autumn 2014

Somewhere in London heavily pregnant and preparing for maternity leave:

I’m going to start a blog during my maternity leave, I will have plenty of time now! Really? Wow, you should…about what?

Uhmm.. I’m not sure yet!

Ahh Ok! Anyway take these books, I loved them and you will also have  plenty of time to catch up with your reading!

Autumn 2015

 Somewhere in London, back to full time work, a full time mom, 1/2 a book read and no blog:

London Nov 14 - Aug 15 937.JPG
Weekend Walk and Lunch in London…just before went back to work!

And your blog?  Well you know, maternity leave is not exactly the vacation I thought it was going to be! Ahh Ok, I am sure you will get back to it sometime!

Yes, I am sure I will!

Autumn 2016 

Somewhere in London, office girls lunch time:

Gel grass.jpg
Outside lunch…if we were lucky with the weather!!

I’m leaving! What? You are leaving what? Work! Why? We are moving! Where? To Madrid! Oh Oh No, really?


Ohhh…Ok we are happy for you! And our lunch times? Well, I guess I will now finally have time to start my blog!

Yes, Yes! Do it do it please! How will you name it?

I am not sure!

Ok, what do you want to write about? I don’t know, do I have to know? I guess about everything, whatever I want…can I do that?  Yes, totally! You can be totally random!!!

Can I? Yes, you can call it Susana Random Sxxx! Well, I don’t think one can say that in public!

And a new baby was born Susana Random Ss…..when great minds and avocado come together during inspirational lunch times!

State of Art:

Winter 2017

Somewhere in Madrid:

Madrid…our home now!

Blog finally published!

Finding a platform (Blogger, WordPress??), do some make up and customise it, add some buttons and make a cute useful side bar….ahhh and link it with social media!! In fact, to do this some platforms require you to slightly change or adapt the code!!!! The code!!! And in a flash there I was again back to my first year of University and to programming classes….Pain is the word that better describes what I felt in that moment!

I also did my search and read the blogs that write about blogging and give you 5, 10, 15 tips in how to start a successful blog!

Wow, you finally did it! Congratulations!

Thank you!

So, in the end what is your aim?


And you niche? Did you choose your blogging niche? Who do you want to reach? Family, Friends…others?

Yes, all I guess!

And your peers? Who are your blogging peers?

Peers??? Really?  Am I back to this?

Luckily for me, the beautiful Rosie from The Londoner, a blog I follow for a while now describes the process of starting a blog  in a pain free approach and give some incredible tips: she actually explains the act of writing a post as “just pretend you’re sitting across from your friend on a sofa with a nice cup of tea telling them about your day. Write as you would speak.”  Thank you Rosie, I can totally do this and I am sure I will enjoy every little bit of it!

Also I read somewhere that apparently I have up to one year to figure it all out!!! Wow, I can relax and enjoy the ride….I have exactly 359 days to figure it all out…

So finally my aim is for in 359 days tell you where did all this go, hopefully by then I have found my  niche, my peers…but for now, I will simply enjoy!

In a life always so full, busy and fast with high demands and pressures, shouldn’t we all enjoy a bit of Spontaneity every now and then? So this is my Random S for today…Let’s all relax our shoulders, turn or necks side to side, breath in and out and be a bit Spontaneous…After all no one has it all figured out since day 1……


Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and all is about pink and red, shop windows,  supermarkets, chocolate boxes and flowers which will cost three times more! I have to say that we  do not celebrate with presents and so on but we have a tradition of each year try a new place for a dry martini, we missed it last year and will likely miss it this year as well as we need to figure out some last minute babysitting! Nevertheless, in or out  there will be space for something simple and special!

Meanwhile, I take advantage of my coffee break and quickly check my cooking books… I always find something new even in books that I have for so many years!

Inspiration for tomorrow’s bake and some of my day dreaming of baking cupboards by Herriott Grace….



More on my Pinterest if you want to check….



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